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A. The city manager from time to time shall establish the standard unit cost of copying public records under this chapter. The fee for copying a public record may not exceed the standard unit cost.

B. If the personnel time required to produce public records for one requester in a calendar month exceeds five person-hours, the requester shall pay the city agency for the personnel costs required during the month to complete the search and copying tasks. The personnel costs may not exceed the actual salary and benefit costs for the personnel time required to perform the search and copying tasks. The requester shall pay a deposit to the city agency before the search is performed and shall pay the fee in full before the records are disclosed.

C. A city agency may reduce or waive a fee when the city agency determines that the reduction or waiver is in the public interest. Fee reductions and waivers shall be uniformly applied among persons who are similarly situated. A city agency may waive a fee of $5.00 or less if the fee is less than the cost to the city agency to arrange for payment. (Ord. 08-003 § 23, 2008)